All dinners (except The Noodle) include your choice of 2 side items: Hill of Beans Salad, Potato Salad, Slaw, Cowgirl Beans, Pine Brook Potatoes, Baked Potato or Sauteed Vegetables. 

For an additional $2 you can substitute your 2 sides for our homemade soup or side salad.


THE BEEF Local grass fed beef, chargrilled to perfection!  

9 ounce Local Grass Fed Beef Ribeye….26.5

7 ounce Local Grass Fed Beef Sirloin....17.5

5 ounce Local Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin....27.5

The TATANKA 8 oz. BISON New York Strip steak, Locally raised & aged grass fed bison steak, chargrilled to perfection (We recommend eating this no more than medium)...28.5

The Pork Heritage breed pork raised on pastures less than two miles from where you sit! Chickadee Hills Homestead rotates Mangalitsa pigs on pasture in the summer and under oaks in the fall. Pigs in a sunny pasture are higher in Vitamin D and higher in Omega 3 fatty acids. Best of all, pigs fed pasture, apples, nuts and pumpkins are tastier! Enjoy farm-to-table heritage pork at Pine Brook Farm.

Pastured, Heritage Breed, bone-in, Pork Chop, chargrilled & served w/ fruit chutney…..Market Price

The Lake Canadian Walleye filet, seasoned & pan fried in butter…..19.5 (Gluten Free by request additional $3 charge)

the river  8 oz. Norwegian salmon filet, seasoned & chargrilled. Drizzled w/ maple bourbon glaze…..21.5 

the OCEAN  6 oz. sushi grade sesame crusted tuna steak lightly seared & served w/ wasabi

citrus drizzle…..21.5

The Noodle Pasta selection varies weekly. Please ask your server for today’s selection. Served w/ garlic bread .....15 (Gluten Free Pasta by request... additional $3 charge)

*Whether dining out or preparing food at home, consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, fish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.*



Served with your choice of 2 sides: Hill of Beans Salad,  potato salad, Slaw, Cowgirl Beans, Pine Brook potatoes, or potato chips. For an additional $2 you can substitute your 2 sides for our homemade soup or a side salad.

The "MANGA" BURGER Mangalitsa Pork is touted the "Kobe" beef of Pork. Locally pastured, heritage breed pigs, slow raised & fed a natural diet. Known for their creamy, flavorful fat, high in Omega 3's & mono-unsaturated fat & anti oxidants, the incredible flavor of this highly marbled red meat stands alone with no added seasoning. This 1/3 # burger served on a toasted bun w/lettuce, tomato & our signature dressing is likely to be the best burger you've ever had!...15.5

The Barn Burger Just the beef on a bun…..10.5

The Barn Cheese Burger American, Swiss, Pepper Jack or Cheddar…..11.

The Barn Door Burger Sauteed mushrooms & onions w/ melted Swiss cheese…..12.

The Farmer Burger Bacon, a fried egg* & American cheese…..12.5

The Naked Chicken Grilled Chicken breast on a bun…..9. 

The Hen House Grilled Chicken breast topped w/ sauteed artichokes, mushrooms, onions and melted Swiss cheese…..11.

The Barn Burner Grilled & blackened chicken breast w/Pepper Jack cheese & topped w/ slaw…..10.5

The Rooster Pulled BBQ chicken topped with slaw…..9.5

The Hog Pile A pile of grilled sliced ham topped with melted American & Swiss cheese…..9

The Pig PEN Pulled BBQ pork topped with pineapple or slaw…..11.

The Grass & Grain Burger Wild rice & quinoa, blended w/ gluten free chips, eggs, cheddar cheese & spices make this delicious meatless burger. Served w/ lettuce, tomato, & our signature dressing…..11.

The Hippie Chick Grilled chicken breast topped w/ pesto, roasted red peppers & Mozzarella cheese.....11

Our 1/3 # Burgers* are made from local, grass fed beef & served on a toasted bun. Add spinach artichoke dip or olivetta spread to any burger or sandwich (2. extra) Gluten Free Buns by request (2.extra)(No bun by request) All of these sandwiches and burgers are gluten free with the addition of a gluten free bun or by selecting no bun.


Stuff (Extras)

Make any burger a double…..5.5

Pine Brook Potatoes …..1.5

Hill of Beans Salad.....1.5


Cowgirl Beans …..1.5


The Farm’s Potato Salad…..1.5

Sauteed mushrooms…..1.    Sauteed onions…..1.    Lettuce…..50

Tomato…..50    Raw Onion…..50

Cheese (American, Swiss, Pepper Jack or cheddar)….. 1.

Local Grass Fed Beef & Bison Supplied by Northstar Bison

                                 Local Pastured Heritage Breed Pork supplied by Chickadee Hills Homestead


PESTO (Pesto, sausage, black olives, mushrooms).......11.

Potato, Bacon & Cheese……10.

Mushrooms & Sausage…….10.

HAM & Pineapple……..10.

Greek (artichokes, roasted red peppers, black olives, mushrooms, & feta) …….11. 


Rooster (Pulled BBQ Chicken, Onion & Mozzarella cheese, topped with slaw)........11.

I Love Olives (Green & Black Olives)……..9.

cheese (Cheddar & Mozzarella)........8.5

**Gluten Free Pizza Crust By Request (4. extra) Please allow extra time.


Steak salad 7 oz. local, grass fed, beef sirloin on a bed of greens, topped w/ green peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, blue cheese crumbles & balsamic dressing........19.5

AHI TUNA SALAD  Seared sushi grade ahi tuna steak served on a bed of mixed greens w/ cucumber, tomato, green beans, & our homemade wasabi citrus dressing... 19.5 

Grilled Salmon Salad  8 ounce seasoned & chargrilled Norwegian salmon filet on a bed of mixed greens w/ oranges, tomatoes, red onion, black olives and green beans.

Served w/ a zesty orange vinaigrette…..19.5

Greek Chicken Salad Grilled chicken on a bed of mixed greens, joined w/ artichoke hearts, black olives, & roasted red peppers. Served w/ feta cheese and greek vinaigrette……..12.

Asian Chicken Salad Grilled Chicken, sliced almonds, crunchy noodles, mandarin oranges, green peppers & green onions on a bed of mixed greens and served w our homemade Asian dressing........12.

Side Salad Mixed Greens topped w/ tomatoes, carrots, peppers & croutons. 

French, Ranch, Greek Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese or Balsamic dressing……..3.5

Homemade SOUP Please ask your server for today’s choice……4.


** For our gluten free customers: Due to normal kitchen operations (all of our food is prepared in a common kitchen), we cannot guarantee a purely gluten free environment, however we do everything in our control to avoid cross contamination. Pine Brook Farm’s Potato Salad, Fruit Cobbler and Cinnamon Roll Cake are prepared with gluten free flour. There are many other menu items that are naturally gluten free. Please ask your server about other menu items. Gluten free buns, pasta and pizza crusts available at an additional charge.**

Whistle Wetters (Beverages)

Milk - 2% or Chocolate.....small 1. large 2. 

OJ.....small 1. large 2.                                 

Coffee - Regular or Decaf.....1.5                Iced tea (seasonal).....1.5 

Tea - Black, Green, Herbal…..1.5               Lemonade.....1.5

Hot Chocolate…..1.5                                      

CANNED SODA…..1.5                                      

Check out our complete watering hole menu featuring bottled beer, wine, & mixed drinks!


Sweet stuff

Try our Homemade Desserts!

Pine Brook Peanut Butter Brownie w/vanilla ice cream…..5.

Fruit cobbler (gluten free) w/vanilla ice cream…..5.

Cinnamon Roll Cake (gluten free)…..4.5  

Vanilla Ice Cream…..1.5 (per scoop)



"THE BOOT" "Very refreshing! A little sweet with a kick... "The only boot you'll want to drink!"

Made with your choice of Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Wild Turkey, or or Irish Whiskey Served in a glass boot for $8.

Keep the boot for an extra $7. and get refills on this visit for only $5.

Buy the glass boot only for $11.


"THE WOOdtick" Sweet and refreshing! Guaranteed not to bite or leave a mark! Made with Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka and more! $7.

We look forward to seeing you at Pine brook farm, where your food is prepared to order! PRICES & ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE

Gratuity of 18% will be added to tables of 10 or more.



Spinach Artichoke Dip Spinach & artichokes blended together w/ cream cheese, parmesan cheese and spices to create this rich & creamy dip. Served warm with toasted garlic asiago bread or gluten free tortilla chips…..10.

Teriyaki Chicken Teriyaki marinated chicken strips, char-grilled & sprinkled w/ sesame seeds and served w/ extra sauce for dipping…..9. 

Olivetta Diced green olives, black olives, roasted red peppers, & artichoke hearts, blended into cream cheese. Served on toasted Italian bread & topped w/ grilled ham…..10.

Spuds Baked potato skins topped w/bacon, cheese, scallions & sour cream…..8.

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